Rosa International Middle School Music Program
Rosa International Middle School
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Classroom Music

All 6, 7 & 8th grade students receive classroom instruction on piano, guitar or composition 
for one marking period each year.
Piano (6th Grade)
      The Rosa music room is equiped with 40 Casio CTK-431 keyboards. All 6th grade students use these keyboards to explore the treble and bass clefs, simple melodies, major scales, note values, time signatures, performance and computer-assisted instruction.
Guitar (7th Grade)

      All 7th Grade students are instructed on the acoustic guitar. Attention is given to melodies and chord structure, as well as individual performance and duets. Students also discuss music history, notation, genres and selected works of other cultures.

Music Composition (8th Grade)

      Technology plays an important part in the development of music theory skills through the use of computers, electric keyboards and the music programs available at Rosa - Music Ace (a learning tool) and Cakewalk (A music writing program). The Rosa library computers are all equiped with these program for use by all students at any time. Music Ace is a program containing games and learning activities to build music theory skills. Once these skills have been developed, the students will use Cakewalk to write, listen to and print out their musical compositions. 
      Theory plays an important role in learning how to compose. The students will learn the basics of melody, harmony, rhythm, form and texture. They will discover how music is actually written through history and listening lessons, as well as being given instruction on basic chord and melodic rules and the method of creating text for vocal composition. The students will be given an opportunity to write their choice of vocal or instrumental music. Once the choice is made and the rules are learned the process of putting it to paper (or computer) is started. The end product will be a student-written composition which will be performed for the class. 
       The success of this program can be measured by the level of music that has been produced over the years. Some Rosa students' compositions have been featured at concerts and other performances. For more information, you can contact the classroom music teacher...